Six Important Facts about Bubble Lamps

Bubble fish lamps are quickly becoming a favorite decorative item. The bubble tubes are a captivating piece of sensory equipment. The creative combination of bubbles and colored light creates the ideal calming environment. These fish lamps are known to add an aesthetic look to a room and a calming effect, especially for children. Bubble fish lamps provide a focal point for people living with autism, helping soothe their nerves.

1. The setup of a bubble fish lamp

After you purchase a bubble fish tube, it will be delivered with everything you need to assemble it apart from the water and tools needed. Makes sure the package has the following parts;

  • One platform
  • An acrylic tube with a small tube attached to the base
  • A cap for the tube
  • Screws
  • A remote control
  • An allen wrench, and lastly
  • A screwdriver to will help fix the screws in place

To set up a bubble tube, here is the procedure:

  1. remove the top of the platform by unscrewing the sides.
  2. Place the bubble tube on the allocated slots while making sure the screw holes align.
  3. Place the screws in place and tighten them gently.
  4. Then, plugin the tube at the base of the bubble tube to the air supply valve
  5. Make sure the tube is firmly fixed in place, then replace the platform cover.

Remember to turn on the device before pouring in the water. To avoid replacing the water every 6 weeks, use distilled water to fill the tube to the indicated maximum line shown on the tube, and lastly, do not forget to throw in your fish before placing the cap.

2. How to clean a bubble fish lamp

Depending on the kind of water you used to fill the bubble tube, you will need to change the water every 6 to 12 weeks to keep the tube clean. When cleaning a Bubble fish tube, use gentle cleaning equipment and chemicals, and avoid using alcohol. But, to drain the water out of the tube, use a hose, bucket, and a pump; this is optional for smaller tubes.

Also, do not attempt to lift and empty the tube at a go manually. Always unplug it from the power source before attempting to empty the bubble tube. Syphon the water if you do not have access to a pump. Remove any debris at the bottom of the tube then use a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution to thoroughly clean the tube.

Finally, refill the tube and place the cleaned faux fish back into the tube. To clean the exterior of the tube, you can use normal spray polish and a soft cloth. Turn on the bubble tube after cleaning, check to make sure everything is in proper working order, and enjoy your clean bubble tube.


To conclude, keeping a bubble tube clean is easy. To clean the tube, use soft cleaning equipment and chemicals to avoid scratching the delicate tube. Using distilled water to fill up the tube extents the duration between each refill. To fully enjoy the benefits of the bubble lamp, place the tube in the least crowded area of the room.